Plymouth Colony – Narratives of English Settlement & Native Resistance


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Plymouth Colony brings together for the first time fascinating first-hand narratives written by English settlers– includes the full text of Mourt’s Relation, the classic account of the colony’s first year; Governor William Bradford’s masterful Of Plimouth Plantation; Edward Winslow’s Good News from New England; the heterodox Thomas Morton’s irreverent challenge to Puritanism, New English Canaan; and Mary Rowlandson’s landmark “captivity narrative” The Sovereignty and Goodness of God–with a selection of carefully chosen documents (deeds, patents, letters, speeches) that illuminate the intricacies of Anglo-Native encounters, the complex role of Christian Indians, and the legacy of Massasoit, Weetamoo, Metacom (“King Philip”), and other Wampanoag leaders who faced the ongoing incursion into their lands of settlers from across the sea. Edited by Lisa Brooks and Kelly Wisecup.

1266 pages. Hardcover.

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