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In 2021, the Mayflower Society launched a very popular Lecture Series covering a variety of Mayflower Pilgrim-related topics including their odyssey, their life and times, their maritime experience and, of course, genealogy!

Please plan to join us to enjoy learning more about Mayflower Pilgrim and genealogy topics from the comfort of your home.

  • Monthly webinar lectures are free and open to the public. 
  • No pre-registration required
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  • Webinars are recorded and available on demand.

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Lecture Series

2024 Mayflower Society Virtual Program Schedule

Michael Tougias—Indian Wars of New England March 7 - 7 PM

Michael Tougias is a New England author of over 30 books.  He will discuss how, from the Pilgrims first arrival to the closing days of the French and Indian Wars,  the Colonists and Native Americans fought for control of New England. Using slides of maps, battle sites, roadside history, and period drawings, Tougias covers the Pequot War, King Philip’s War, and the French and Indian Wars. Strategies of the Natives and as well as Colonial raids are all featured in chronological order. These include Rogers Rangers raid on the St. Francis Indian village, Lovewell’s Fight in NH and ME, The Fort at #4, Metacom’s uprising in the Connecticut River Valley, and more. Gripping accounts of colonial women captives from different periods are also covered including Mary Rowlandson, Susanna Johnson, and Hannah Dustin.

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David Landon—“Pits, Posts and Palisades: The Archaeology of Patuxet and the 17th century Plimoth Colony Settlement April 11 - 7 PM

For the last decade, archaelogists from University of Massachusetts-Boston have been excavating remains of the original 17th century Plimoth Colony and Wampanoag settlement of Patuxet in downtown Plymouth, MA. On Cole’s Hill, evidence for Patuxet has been uncovered, while on Burial Hill, structures from the early English settlement dating from ca. 1620-1650 have been discovered and documented. This presentation, with Dr. David Landon, Associate Director of the Andrew Fiske Memorial Center for Archaeological Research, will showcase the results of those excavations, highlighting the many different artifacts unearthed, the evidence of the earliest English building construction methods, and the relationship between the English and Wampanoag settlements.

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Jonathan Lane — “Families and Freedoms: Connections Between the Mayflower and the American Revolution" May 16th - 7 PM

Jonathan Lane is an historian with the Massachusetts Historical Society and the coordinator for Revolution 250, an organization dedicated to commemorating the American Revolutionary War. He will discuss how the Mayflower passengers and their descendants were so impactful and influential in how the American Revolution ultimately took place.

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Mark Schmidt—D-Day deceptions June 6 - 7 PM

June 6, 2024, is the 80th anniversary of the Normandy invasion—Operation Overlord, more commonly known as “D-Day”.  But to keep such a massive undertaking a secret was an incredible feat unto itself. Mark Schmidt, Executive Director for the Mayflower Society and former director of the Museum of World War II, will discuss the magnitude of the deception, the politics that accompanied its implementation, and the extent of its success.

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Dr. Lindsay Chervinsky—“Making the Presidency: John Adams and the Precedents that Forged the Republic” September 26 - 7 PM

As 2024 is an election year, Dr. Lindsay Chervinsky, an historian of the Presidency, political culture, and the government—looks at how our second President set the stage for many later traditions and trends.  

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Laurence Bergreen—Marco Polo October 10 7 PM

Marco Polo opened Asia to European trade, so we’re told, but we generally don’t know much else. Historian Laurence Bergreen remedies that by bolstering Polo’s reputation and arguing for his historical importance.  Bergreen has written biographies of Louis Armstrong, Irving Berlin and Ferdinand Magellan, and here he retraces Polo’s steps to Mongolia and China.  

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Thomas Weaver: “The Electoral College: Why It Endures Despite Two Centuries of Criticism” November 7 - 7 PM

Despite the opinion of Alexander Hamilton that the Electoral College was the only part of the Constitution to escape criticism, few clauses in the Constitution have been subjected to more consistent and withering disapproval than the Electoral College. Thomas Weaver will explore the people and events that shaped America’s unique form in choosing a chief executive, telling the story through the eyes of people who lived it—including stories that involve murders, duels, shootouts, corruption, greed, teenage elopement, and a secret midnight ride in the back of a mail carriage to save the Constitution.

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Stephen Tomkins, “The Journey to the Mayflower” November 14 - 7 PM

The sailing of the Mayflower was not just a foundational American event—it was also the culmination of a radical English religious movement. This is the story of that underground church, one of prison and killings, spies and subterfuge, theological controversy and sexual scandal, and the invention of religious freedom.

Stephen Tomkins is a writer, broadcaster, editor and speaker, and the author of seven books.

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Beefing Up an Ancestor’s Timeline

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Setting Sail to the Mayflower Society with the Silver Books as Your Guide
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