Governor General’s 1620 Club

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Governor General’s 1620 Club

The Governor General’s 1620 Club Membership is a designation given to The Mayflower Society’s donors who give at the level of $1,620 or more per year. These donations are designated for special projects that would not otherwise be supported. 

1620 Club donors receive an exclusive 1620 Club pin, and an invitation for two to the Governor General’s annual tour, followed by the 1620 Club Banquet.  

1620 Club Donations Make a Difference

Past and Future Objectives Funded by 1620 Club Donations:

  • Funding for new researchers for the Silver Books.
  • An ADA-compliant restroom for visitors with disabilities to the Mayflower Society House
  • A new membership database to streamline processing in the Plymouth office.
  • Removal of the historic balustrade on the Mayflower Society House in Plymouth. (Without this timely action, the winter storms of 2018 would have destroyed the roof and significantly damaged our headquarters.)
  • Exterior painting of the Mayflower Society House.
  • 2021: Website replacement
  • 2022: Mayflower Society House repairs
  • 2023: Technology and system improvements

2022/23 Governor General’s 1620 Club Donations

Donations made to the Governor General’s 1620 Club will be designated toward enhancing technology improvements for the organization.

These improvements are designed to make our processes more efficient and effective throughout the organization – for applicants, Member Societies, our support staff in Plymouth and The Mayflower Society overall.

Your donation to the 1620 Club will make these needed improvements possible.

Governor General’s 1620 Club Members

as of August 22, 2023

The Governor General’s 1620 Club members have gifted $1,620 or more during the giving period.
The giving period for this year ends September 2023.

Jane Hurt
Illinois Mayflower Society
Massachusetts Mayflower Society
Texas Society of Mayflower Descendants
Wisconsin Mayflower Society
Suzanne F. Adams
Meg Averett
Martin Beerman
Leslie Bentley
Ann Campbell
Sandra L. Carter-Duff
Jill Chapman
Martin Conroy
Stacy Cope
Diane Douglass
Ruth Ann Fay
George P. Garmany
Donna Grogan
Alexandra “Allie” Golon
Nancy Harrison
Bart S. Henson
George J. Hill
Nancy Hopkins Reilly
Jane Indoe
Marylen Jackson
Barratt Heywood Jaruzelski
David R. Kelland
Jeremy F. Kinney
Brantley Carter Knowles
Rita Kress

Kathy Landing
Deborah W. Lansing
Lorrie A. Link
Catherine Lovell
Mary Helen Mahan
Karen McCulley
Scott Miller
Sarah M. Morse
Bradford Murphy
Lisa H. Pennington
David Nash
Ray Raser
Heather W. Rojo
Nancy Q. Saul
Chris Schlosser
Lisa Shaw
Steven E. Shebik
John C. Sherman
Laurel Siviglia
Becket Soule
Diane Stevenson Stone
Tawny Welch
Carter O. Wiese
Collier S. Wiese
Sharon Wiese
Robert G. Windsor
Michael J. Winslow
Debra Woody
Linda Wyman

Ways to Donate to the Mayflower Society

Donate Online

To give online: 

Click the Donate Now button below:

By Check

Make checks payable to:
The General Society of  Mayflower Descendants

Mail to:
Attn: Development Office
The Mayflower Society
18 Winslow Street
Plymouth, MA 02360

Gift Securities

To gift securities: 

(PDF file) for making In-Kind Gifts of Securities to the General Society of Mayflower Descendants


Governor General's 1620 Club: Annual Tour


The 2022 General Board of Assistants Meeting was held in Bloomington, Minnesota in September. Here are some pictures from the meeting and the Governor General’s 1620 Club banquet after the meeting.

The 2021 General Board of Assistants meeting was held in September in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Over the weekend members of the Governor General’s 1620 Club were taken on an exciting tour of the New Bedford Whaling Museum.

In September 2019 at the General Board of Assistants meeting in Denver, Colorado, members of the Governor General’s 1620 Club were treated to a sneak peak of the Bradford Statue during a visit to artist’s Dee Clements’ studio, followed by a tour of the foundry where the statue was to be bronzed.

Did you know?

At the 1620 Club Banquet the Society recognizes the scholarly contribution and advancement in Mayflower Pilgrim research with the Pilgrim Academic Research Award.