Scholarship Information

Scholarship Information

The application period for the 2023 scholarship program is closed.

The General Society of Mayflower Descendants (GSMD) Scholarship Program offers scholarships to graduating high school seniors who are Mayflower descendants and will be attending a four-year college or university or two-year community college.


For an applicant to be considered for a Mayflower Scholarship, the Application Form must include a valid GSMD membership number for either the applicant or for a parent, grandparent, or great grandparent of the applicant.  Please note that the membership number supplied must be for a living and currently active GSMD member.

If any documentation from a parent or child that is 18 years needs to be submitted to GSMD to obtain a current GSMD membership number, applicants should begin work as early as possible (the year prior to requesting a scholarship) with the Mayflower Historian in their state of residence to complete this process. Also, you will be required to list your Mayflower Ancestor(s) from the ship.


Each scholarship recipient:

  1. must be a graduating senior
  2. must provide the information requested for the application
  3. must enter a four-year college or university or two-year community college
  4. must provide a test score and percentage from the SAT or ACT tests.

In the spirit of the Mayflower settlers seeking to better themselves by moving to a new and uncharted world, special consideration will be given to applicants who have demonstrated a commitment to bettering themselves.

Applicants are encouraged to add “Letters of Recommendation” from teachers or people in the community.


The application period for 2023 is closed. Application forms are typically available starting January 1st and close on March 1st each year.