Supplemental Applications

Establishing Your Lineage to Additional Passengers

Supplemental Applications

Once you’ve proven your lineal descent from an ancestor who arrived on the Mayflower, what if you find you have more ancestors in your family?

Submitting an application documenting your descent from any other Mayflower Passengers is referred to as a “Supplemental Application.” The process is very similar to an original application, however, depending on your relationship to any additional passenger ancestors, you may need less research and documentation.

For example, if the ancestor on your original application was John Alden, you are eligible to submit a Supplemental Application for Priscilla Mullins, his wife, and William Mullins, her father – congratulations!

Perhaps you descend multiple times from the same passenger ancestor? Because The Mayflower Society is a lineage society, you may submit a Supplemental Application for each path from which you can prove your descent.

To learn more about completing and submitting a Supplemental Application, please arrange to meet with your Society Historian!