The Soule Family

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George Soule traveled on the Mayflower as a servant to Edward Winslow.

His origins are unknown, although research conducted by Caleb Johnson in 2009 suggests the possibility of George, son of William and Joan Soule, who was baptized at Tingrith, Bedford, England, 9 February 1594/95. George married at Plymouth, circa 1626, Mary/Marie Bucket who arrived on the Anne in 1623. Marie’s origins are unknown; she died at Duxbury, in December 1676. George died at Duxbury, between 20 September 1677 and 22 January 1678/79.

George was a signer of the Mayflower Compact, on 11 November 1620 while the ship was anchored at Provincetown Harbor. This tells us he was at least 21 years old, thus born in 1599 or earlier. He received one acre in the 1623 land division as did Marie Bucket. George is listed in the 22 May 1627 cattle division with wife Mary and son Zakariah.

George often served as juror and was frequently on committees for Duxbury as a deputy. In 1637 his name is on the list of those who volunteered as soldiers if the need came up. He was granted a garden place on the “Ducksborrow side” by Powder Point in 1637 and other lands there in 1638. In 1640 he was granted meadow at Greens Harbor.

In 1659, Goodwife Soule, the wife of George Soule of Duxbury, and others, were presented to the court for absenting themselves from public worship; they were fined 10s.

The will of George Soule is dated 11 August 1677, but it is the codicil, dated 20 September 1677 that proves interesting; apparently there was some animosity between son John, and his sister, Patience. The codicil states that if John “disturbed” Patience, then Patience would receive the house and lands at Duxbury, and she would be the sole executrix of his will.


Children of George and Mary (Bucket) Soule:

  1. Zachariah2 Soule, born by the 1627 cattle division; died at Duxbury, before 11 December 1663; married before 1663, Margaret ( ) who was possibly the daughter of William Ford; no known issue.
  2. John Soule, born at Plymouth, 8 March 1631/32; died at Duxbury before 14 November 1707; married 1) probably at Duxbury, circa 1656, Rebecca Simmons; they had nine children: Rebecca, James, Sarah, Rachel, Aaron, Benjamin, Zachariah, Moses and John Soule. He married 2) probably at Duxbury, after 3 July 1678, Esther/Hester (Delano?) Sampson/Samson; they had three children: Joseph and Josiah (twins), and Joshua Soule.
  3. Nathaniel Soule, born probably at Plymouth, circa 1637; died at Dartmouth, before 12 October 1699; married circa 1680, Rose/Rosamond Thorn; they had four children: Nathaniel, Silvanus, Jacob and Miles Soule. Note that Nathaniel had a child born circa 1674 by an unknown woman.
  4. George Soule, born probably at Duxbury, circa 1639; died there before 22 June 1704; married circa 1664, Deborah (?Thomas); they had eight children: George, William, John, Nathan, Deborah, Mary, Lydia and Sarah Soule.
  5. Susanna Soule, born probably at Duxbury, circa 1642, (possibly 25 June 1642); died probably at Kingstown RI, after 1684, (poss. at Duxbury, 14 November 1707); married probably Plymouth, circa 1661, Francis Waste/West; they had nine children: Francis, Richard, Peter, John, Susannah, Martha, William, Thomas and Clement (twins) West.
  6. Mary Soule, born probably at Duxbury, circa 1644; died at Plymouth, after 29 April 1718; married probably at Duxbury, circa 1664, John Peterson; they had nine children: John, Joseph, Benjamin, Martha, Jonathan, David, Isaac, Mary and Rebecca Peterson.
  7. Elizabeth Soule, born probably at Duxbury, circa 1646; died between 12 March 1668 and 11 August 1677; married at Plymouth, circa 1667/78, Francis Walker; they had one child: Isaac Walker.
  8. Patience Soule, born probably at Duxbury, circa 1648; died at Middleboro, 11 March 1705/06; married at Middleboro, January 1666, John Haskell; they had eight children: John, Elizabeth, William, Patience, Bethiah, Mary, Josiah and Susannah Haskell.
  9. Benjamin Soule, born probably at Duxbury, circa 1651; died at RI, 26 March 1676, during King Phillip’s War.


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Descendants of George Soule are invited to join Soule Kindred in America.