Partner Family Societies

Partner Family Societies

Family Societies are organizations usually run by Mayflower descendants and focused on particular Pilgrim families and their lineage. Many descendants like to get involved with the family society devoted to their Mayflower ancestor in addition to joining the General Society of Mayflower Descendants. As a member of the Mayflower Society, you can typically join one of the Family Societies endorsed by the General Society with ease: 

Family Society Partnership

For an annual donation of $250 to The Mayflower Society, a Family Society will receive Mayflower Society marketing, discounts, and other opportunities including the following:

  • The Mayflower Society will make the Family Society a part of its public relations and marketing efforts
  • Display a link on The Mayflower Society website to each Family Society’s website
  • Designated meeting space during GSMD’s Congress Week for Family Society Partner meetings as available
  • Communicate and market news of Family Societies in The Mayflower Quarterly Magazine
  • The Mayflower Society will make available information to new members about Family Society membership
  • Family Societies will receive flyers for The Mayflower Society membership to include in their new member packets
  • Of the $250 annual donation, $100 will go to the Silver Books Project
  • A Mayflower Society endorsement symbol will be given to the Family Society to display on their website and promotional materials
  • Acceptance of your DNA tested members into the official Mayflower Society FTDNA Project (DNA kits must be 37 markers or higher and must match a Mayflower ancestor)

If your Family Society is interested in joining, please contact Membership Services at or call (508) 746-3188.