The Mullins Family

Passenger Profile

William Mullins traveled on the Mayflower with his wife Alice, children Joseph and Priscilla, and servant Robert Carter; only Priscilla would survive the first winter and spring.

William is believed to be the son of John and Joan (Bridger) Mullins, born at Dorking, Surrey, England, circa 1572. He married, date and place unknown, Alice (     ) who is known only from his will.

William was a signer of the Mayflower Compact, on 11 November 1620 when the Mayflower was anchored off Provincetown. He died at Plymouth, 21 February 1620/21. He made his nuncupative will, likely the day he died; it was copied 1 April 1621 so that it could be taken back to England on the Mayflower’s return trip. He included wife Alice and son, Joseph, and his servant, which tells us they were still living at that time.

Children of William and ?Alice Mullins:

  1. William Mullins, born probably at Dorking, Surrey; died at Braintree, 12 February 1672; married in England, by 1618; possibly married 2) at Boston, 7 May 1656, Ann ( ) Bell; they had three children: Elizabeth, Ruth and Sara Mullins.
  2. Sara Mullins, born probably at Dorking; called “Blunden” in father’s 1621 will; no further record.
  3. Priscilla Mullins, born probably at Dorking, circa 1600-1605; died prob. at Duxbury, after 1650; married at Plymouth, circa 1623, John Alden, also a Mayflower passenger; they had ten children: Elizabeth, John, Joseph, Sarah, Jonathan, Ruth, Rebecca, Mary, Priscilla and David Alden
  4. Joseph Mullins, born probably at Dorking, date unknown; died at Plymouth, after 2 April 1621.


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