Governor General’s 1620 Club

Governor General’s 1620 Club

The Governor General’s 1620 Club Membership is a designation given to The Mayflower Society’s donors who give at the level of $1,620 or more per year. These donations are designated for special projects that would not otherwise be supported. Thanks to the 1620 Club, several of the Mayflower Society’s needs have been realized, including:

  • Funding for new researchers for the Silver Books.
  • An ADA-compliant restroom for visitors with disabilities to the Mayflower Society House
  • A new membership database to streamline processing in the Plymouth office. 
  • Removal of the historic balustrade on the Mayflower Society House in Plymouth. Without this timely action, the winter storms of 2018 would have destroyed the roof and significantly damaged our headquarters.
  • Exterior painting of the Mayflower Society House.
  • Website replacement

1620 Club donors receive an exclusive 1620 Club pin, and an invitation for two to the Governor General’s annual tour, followed by the 1620 Club Banquet.  During this banquet the Society recognizes the scholarly contribution and advancement in Mayflower Pilgrim related research with the Pilgrim Academic Research Award. The Pilgrim Academic Research Award past recipients include Caleb Johnson (2019), Susan E. Roser (2018), Dr. Jeremy Dupertuis Bangs (2017), Dr. David Landon and Dr. Christa Beranek (2016) and James W. Baker (2015). 

Click here for an updated list of our Governor General’s 1620 Club (list updated 01/11/2022)

2022 Donations to the Governor General’s 1620 Club

Donations made to the Governor General’s 1620 Club will be designated to assist with the restoration and repairs being made to the Mayflower Society house. Improvements to the foundation, electrical systems, masonry, windows, ceilings, and walls will keep the Mayflower Society house closed throughout 2022 so that we can improve the safety and extend the lifespan of our historic 18th century mansion. Your donation to the 1620 Club will assist in making these needed improvements possible.

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1620 Tour CO

In September 2019 at the General Board of Assistants Meeting in Denver, Colorado, 1620 Club donors were treated to a sneak peek of the Bradford Statue during a visit to artist Dee Clements’ studio, followed by a tour of the foundry where the statue was to be bronzed.


Dee Clements with Bradford Statue
Dee Clements at his studio with Bradford Statue in process
1620 Club 2019 CO Dee Clement Studio
2019 1620 Club - Dee Clements' studio, CO

A few pictures from the 1620 Club event following the General Board of Assistants Meeting in Chicago, Illinois, in September 2018.


2018 1620 Governor Generals Club, Chicago, IL
2018 1620 Governor Generals Club, Chicago, IL
2018 1620 Governor Generals Club, Chicago, IL
2018 1620 Governor Generals Club, Chicago, IL
2018 1620 Governor Generals Club, Chicago, IL