The Samuel Fuller Family

Passenger Profile

Samuel Fuller traveled on the Mayflower with his brother, Edward Fuller and Edward’s wife and son Samuel. He was also accompanied by his servant, William Butten who died at sea, 6 November 1620.

Samuel was baptized at Redenhall, Norfolk, England, 20 January 1580, the son of Robert and Sarah (Dunkhorn) Fuller. He died at Plymouth between 30 July and 28 October 1633 during the general sickness that swept through the Plymouth area in 1633 and 1634.

Samuel married his first wife place and date unknown; he was the widower of Alice Glascock, when he married 2) at Leiden, 24 April 1613, Agnes Carpenter. He was the widow of Anna Carpenter when he married 3) at Leiden, 27 May 1617, Bridget Lee. Bridget came to Plymouth in 1623 aboard the Anne.

Samuel Fuller was a signer of the Mayflower Compact, signed on 11 November 1620, while the ship was at Provincetown, at the tip of Cape Cod. In the 1623 land division, he received two acres of land, for himself and his servant. Bridget Fuller received one acre as a passenger of the Anne. In the 1627 cattle division, Samuel is joined by wife Bridget and nephew, Samuel Fuller.

Samuel Fuller was indispensable as a self-taught physician not just to those at Plymouth, but to surrounding areas including Salem and Charlestown. His death in 1633 was a great blow to those in Plymouth; Bradford states that he died “after he had much helped others…being a deacon of the church, a man godly and forward to do good.”

Child of Samuel and Agnes (Carpenter) Fuller:

  1. Child, buried at Leiden, 29 June 1615.

Children of Samuel and Bridget (Lee) Fuller:

  1. Child, born at Leiden, circa 1618-20. Note Bradford states that Bridget and a child later came to Plymouth, however in the 1623 land division, Bridget received one share, not two.
  2. Mercy Fuller, born at Plymouth, after 22 May 1627; died after 1650; no further record.
  3. Samuel Fuller, born at Plymouth, circa 1629; died at Middleborough, 24 August 1695; married a woman whose name is not known and had one or possibly two children: Samuel and poss. Elizabeth Fuller; married 2) Elizabeth (Nichols) Bowen with whom he had five children: John, Experience, Hannah, Mercy and Isaac Fuller.


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Descendants of Edward or Samuel Fuller and invited to join The Fuller Society.


Fuller Cradle
Photo credit: Pilgrim Hall Museum

Material: Maple and white pine
Probably made in Duxbury, MA, 1680-1720

Descended in the family of Samuel Fuller

The open work at the front of this cradle made it possible for the mother to see a sleeping baby from almost any position. The construction of this cradle is interesting. It looks like joined work. Actually, it is made of solid pine boards with strips of wood nailed on to imitate joined panels. The cradle may have been made by a carpenter, rather than a joiner.

The shape of the turnings on the tops of the rear posts is similar to turnings seen on furniture found in Duxbury.