The Samson Family

Passenger Profile

Henry Samson was about sixteen years of age when he traveled on the Mayflower in the company of Edward and Ann/Agnes (Cooper) Tilley, his maternal aunt and her husband. Also in their company was Humility Cooper, who was probably Agnes’ infant niece and Henry’s cousin.

Henry was baptized at Henlow, Bedford, England, 15 January 1603/04, the son of James and Martha (Cooper) Samson. He died at Duxbury, 24 December 1684. Henry married at Plymouth, 6 February 1635/36, Ann Plummer.

In the 1623 land division, Henry received one acre. In the 1627 cattle division, both he and Humility were in the group with William and Mary Brewster.

Henry served in various capacities over the years, including as constable, tax collector, juror, and surveyor. He also volunteered in the Pequot War.

Children of Henry and Ann (Plummer) Samson:

  1. Elizabeth Samson, born probably at Duxbury, circa 1638; died after 23 November 1711; married circa 1661, Robert Sprout and had eight children: Mercy, Elizabeth, Mary, Robert, Anna, James, Ebenezer and Hannah Sprout.
  2. Hannah Samson, born probably at Duxbury, circa 1642; died after 23 January 1681 and probably the Hanna Holmes who died at Pembroke 9 January 1715; married at Duxbury, 20 March 1665/66, Josiah Holmes and had six children: Hannah, Dorcas, Josiah, Mary, John and William Holmes.
  3. Daughter, born between 1636 and 1656, name unknown; married John Hanmore and had one child: John Hanmore.
  4. John Samson, born at Duxbury, date unknown; died between 27 May 1702 and 10 January 1715/16.
  5. Mary Samson, born at Duxbury, date unknown; died before 1686; married before 24 December 1684, John Summers/Somers and had no children.
  6. Dorcas Samson, born at Duxbury, before 1660; died before 29 July 1695; married before 24 December 1684, Thomas Bonney and had three children: Ebenezer, Elizabeth and Mercy Bonney.
  7. James Samson, born at Duxbury, date unknown; died at Dartmouth, between 10 January 1715/16 and 7 July 1618; married before 21 May 1679, Hannah ( ) Wait and had eight children: James, Henry, Joseph, Anna, Penelope, Susannah and Priscilla Samson.
  8. Stephen Samson, born date unknown; died before 31 January 1714/15; married before 1686, Elizabeth ( ) and had eight children: Benjamin, John, Hannah, Mary, Elizabeth, Dorcas and Abigail Samson.
  9. Caleb Samson, born at Duxbury, probably circa 1658; died between 9 July 1744 and 3 March 1747; married 1) before 1686, Mercy3 Standish (Alexander2, Myles1) and had nine children: David, Lora, Rachel, Priscilla, Caleb, Joshua, Ruth, Jerusha and Sarah Samson. Caleb married 2) at Duxbury, 30 January 1728/29, Rebecca (Bartlett)(Bradford) Stanford and had no children.


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If you descend from Henry Samson, you are invited to join the Pilgrim Henry Samson Kindred