The Doty Family

Passenger Profile

Edward Doty/Doten traveled on the Mayflower as a single man and a servant to passenger Stephen Hopkins. He was said to be “of London” and is believed to have been born about 1597-1599. He died at Plymouth, 23 August 1655. The name of Edward’s first wife is unknown, he married her around 1630 and she likely died in the 1633 sickness. He married 2), at Plymouth, 6 January 1634/35, Faith Clarke. Faith was born circa 1600, the daughter of Thurston and Faith Clarke, and was buried at Marshfield, 21 December 1675.

Edward was a signer of the Mayflower Compact, indicating he was at least 18 years old in 1620. He received one acre of land in the 1623 land division and is listed in the 1627 cattle division as Edward “Dolton.”

The second offense to have been committed in the colony occurred on 18 June 1621, when Edward Doty and Edward Leister (both servants of Stephen Hopkins) fought the first duel, with sword and dagger. Both men were wounded, and they were arrested and sentenced to have their head and feet tied together for twenty-four hours. After an hour, they were in so much pain that they promised to behave better and were released.

Descendants of Edward Doty are invited to join the Pilgrim Edward Doty Society.

Children of Edward and Faith (Clarke) Doty:

  1. Edward Doty, born at Plymouth, probably in 1636; drowned in Plymouth Harbor, 8 February 1689/90; married at Plymouth, 26 February 1662/63, Sarah Faunce; they had eleven children: Edward, Sarah, John, Mary, Martha, Elizabeth, Patience, Mercy, Samuel, Mercy and Benjamin Doty.
  2. John Doty, born at Plymouth, by 1640; died at Plymouth, 8 May 1701; married 1) at Plymouth, before 1668, Elizabeth Cooke and had nine children: John, Edward, Jacob, Elizabeth, Isaac, Samuel, Elisha, Joseph and Martha Doty. He married 2) at Plymouth, 22 November 1694, Sarah Jones and had three children: Sarah, Patience and Desire Doty.
  3. Thomas Doty, born circa 1641; died at Plymouth, 4 or 5 December 1678; married probably at Plymouth, by December 1675, Mary Churchill and had three children: Martha, Hannah and Thomas Doty.
  4. Samuel Doty, born circa 1643; died at Piscataway, NJ, between 18 September and 9 November 1715; married at Piscataway, NJ, 13 November 1678, Jane Harmon; they had 12 children: Samuel, Sarah, Isaac, Edward, James, Jonathan, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Joseph, Daniel, Margaret and Nathaniel Doty.
  5. Desire Doty, born at Plymouth, circa 1645; died at Plymouth, 22 January 1731; married 1) at Plymouth, 25 December 1667, William Sherman and had six children: Hannah, Elizabeth, William, Patience, Experience and Ebenezer Sherman; married 2) at Marshfield, 24 November 1681, Israel Holmes; they had two children: Israel and John Holmes; married 3) prob. at Marshfield, circa 1686, Alexander2 Standish (Myles1), and had three children: Desire, Thomas and Ichabod Standish.
  6. Elizabeth Doty, born at Plymouth, circa 1647; died at Marshfield, 7 April 1742; married 1) at Marshfield, 13 January 1674/75, John Rouse and had three children: George, (died young), (possibly) John and George Rouse; married 2) at Marshfield, 28 January 1718/19, William Carver.
  7. Isaac Doty, born at Plymouth, 8 February 1648/49; died at Oyster Bay, LI, NY, after 7 January 1728; married circa 1671, Elizabeth England; they had six children: Isaac, Joseph, Jacob, Solomon, Samuel and James Doty.
  8. Joseph Doty, born “last day of” April 1651; d. probably at Rochester, circa 1732; married 1) circa 1673/74, Deborah Ellis; they had nine children: Theophilus, Ellis, Elizabeth, Joseph, Deborah, John, Marcy, Faith and Mary Doty; married 2) at Rochester, 5 March 1711/12, Sarah (Woodin) Edwards.
  9. Mary Doty, born at Plymouth, circa 1653; died before 13 June 1728; married soon after 10 July 1677, Samuel Hatch, and had nine children: Samuel, Josiah, Hannah, Ebenezer, Isaac, Elizabeth, Elisha, Ezekiel and Desire Hatch.


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