Mayflower Lineage Match

Frequently Asked Questions

How long until I receive my MLM report?
Our processing time is currently 8 weeks.

It’s been 8 weeks, where are my results?
First, check to be sure you received both a payment receipt from PayPal and a confirmation email from us. If you did not receive these, then please resubmit your request. If you did receive both, then please check your spam or junk folder to be sure it wasn’t sent there. If you do not find it there, email us at for further assistance.

Will I be told about other potential Mayflower lines?
Yes. We will inform you of any other possible Mayflower lineages of which we are aware.

Should I include documentation with my MLM request?

Will you help me with my research?
The Mayflower Lineage Match (MLM) is not a research service. We only provide you with an email stating if your proposed lineage follows any of our previously approved lineages.

Should I submit a MLM request if I’m already a member of the Mayflower Society?
No. Contact your Member Society directly to inquire about submitting a supplemental application.

Should I submit a MLM request if one of my immediate family members has recently joined the Mayflower Society?
No. Contact one of our 54 Member Societies, and they will help you prepare your application.

Should I submit a separate MLM request for each passenger from whom I think I might be descended?

Should I submit a separate MLM request for each of my family members, if they follow the same line?
No. Only submit MLM requests for multiple family members if you are inquiring about descent from different Mayflower passengers.

What if I’m a descendant of Matthew Fuller, “son” of Edward Fuller?
Y-DNA testing has conclusively proven that Matthew Fuller of Barnstable, Massachusetts was not a son of Edward Fuller, the Mayflower passenger. Please, do not submit any requests through this lineage.