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Lecture: “Disease and Epidemics in Colonial New England”


Hosted by: Shellie Karol-Chik Since the earliest European settlements in New England, diseases and epidemics were a regular part of colonial life. Join Shellie Karol-Chik as she explores the types of diseases affecting colonists, the timeline of New England’s early epidemics, and how colonists viewed and reacted to this unwelcome part of their lives. The ... Read more

Lecture: “The Mayflower and its Crew: A Nautical and Societal History”


Hosted by: Geoffrey Gamble A rollicking travel in time to the 17th century, including a biography of the Mayflower as a ship, and a societal history of some of its crew and passengers with a hint of forbidden religion. Geoffrey Gamble is the Governor of the Mayflower Society of Delaware, a retired lawyer and diplomat, who ... Read more

Lecture: “The Winslow Family and Plymouth Colony”


Hosted by: Rebecca Fraser and Michelle Marchetti Coughlin Rebecca Fraser, author of The Mayflower: The Families, the Voyage, and the Founding of America, and Michelle Marchetti Coughlin, author of Penelope Winslow, Plymouth Colony First Lady: Re-Imagining a Life, will discuss their books and explore the history of Plymouth Colony through the story of the Winslow ... Read more

Lecture: “King Philip’s War”


Hosted by: Michael Tougias Local historian Michael Tougias looks at Native American way of life, colonial settlements, and the events that led up to what many consider the bloodiest war in American history. Zoom webinar information: Click to Attend Webinar Webinar ID: 83244305728 Webinar Passcode: 130717  

Lecture: “The Pilgrims and America’s War over its History”


For more information and zoom details, see the Lecture Series page. Hosted by: John Turner John G. Turner, author of They Knew They Were Pilgrims: Plymouth Colony and the Contest for American Liberty, will talk about where the Pilgrims fit into contemporary American arguments about the nation's origins and past.