Duties of the Executive Officers

Duties of the Executive Officers

Governor General: The Governor General presides at all meetings of the General Congress, General Board of Assistants (GBOA), and the Executive Committee and performs other duties that pertain to the chief officer of an organization.

Assistant Governor General: The Assistant Governor General performs duties as assigned by the General Congress, GBOA, Executive Committee, and/or Governor General. If the Governor General is unavailable the Assistant Governor General will fill in.

Secretary General: The Secretary General records the proceedings of the General Congress, GBOA, and the Executive Committee, notifies members of the GBOA of all meetings to be held, and transmits required notices and communications.

Treasurer General: The Treasurer General collects and takes charge of all funds belonging to the General Society, keeps suitable books of account, and reports the conditions of the treasury at all meetings of the GBOA. The Treasurer General shall be a Certified Public Accountant and have an Accounting Degree.

Historian General: The Historian General examines and reports upon the lineage papers, both original and supplemental, of all persons admitted as members of the Society.

Elder General: The Elder General officiates at any meeting of the General Congress or Society. The Elder General receives from the Secretary General, notices of death of Officers and Former Officers of the General and/or Member Societies, sends condolences when appropriate, and sees that notifications of such deaths are printed in The Mayflower Quarterly Magazine.

Captain General: The Captain General acts as Marshal at parades and on occasions of ceremony.

Surgeon General: The Surgeon General shall be duly licensed to practice medicine.

Counsellor General: The Counsellor General is an Attorney at Law and renders legal aid and opinions upon matters pertaining to the Society.

Members-at-Large: Members-at-Large shall perform such duties as assigned to him/her by the General Congress or the GBOA, Executive Committee, and/or Governor General.